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Medical Laboratory Information Management

Laboratory Information Management System assists users to optimize work processes and improve device efficiency as well as benefits to help the user achieve maximum data utilization, information sharing ordering, standardized management procedures, and leader’s scientific decision making, so as to create a user-friendly and highly-efficient laboratory work platform.

Medical Laboratory Middleware

Wherever your lab is, on the premise of accurate sample test results, you will face a series of challenges : shorter result reporting time, larger sample processing amount, lower costs and stricter laboratory regulations. Laboratory Data Management Middleware System can help you cope with all these challenges.

Medical Laboratory Quality Management

An “Internet +” platform for the Medical Laboratory Quality Evaluation System which enables automated and full-time quality evaluation and provides a comprehensive and reliable quality evaluation reference for improving the medical laboratory examination quality level.

Prenatal Screening Solution

Second-trimester prenatal screening risk evaluation software and professional prenatal screening quality control data analysis service based on the patient specimen. Target defects including Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome and open neural tube defects.

Medical Device Distribution Channel and Supply Chain Management

Distributor Management System provides enterprises a whole set of platform solutions to help enterprises enhance distributor management quality, refine management process and avoid channel risks. Meanwhile, multidimensional data analysis will be provided for enterprises to predict market trends.


TCSoft has been committed to the R&D and application of clinical laboratory information management software systems. Various solutions have been widely adopted in general hospitals, specialized hospitals, healthcare departments and commercial independent examination centers. It also provides IT consulting services on overall business process improvement for high-end users.

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